“Strength, trust and clear direction lead
the way to transformation.”

Ideally located – networked and close-by


Project Organization

Reliable and to the last detail

Rest easy. Your project is in very capable hands. My years of experience as a production coordinator, product manager and department head in one of the leading advertising and design agencies are testament to you every project detail is being taken care of. As a “control center” of internal workflow, you and your marketing team will successfully cross the finish line. My close professional relationships with our external vendors will make it happen, even on site.

Service Design

Objective and empathic

Is your new logo, your new advertising campaign or a complete overhaul of your corporate image not bringing the success you had hoped? Is your service even in line with your market launch? Together with my specialists in market strategy and design I will help you develop effective customer-driven, market-centered services, especially in the fields of regional marketing and tourism.

Brand Implementation

Structured and efficient

Your brand has been developed, your corporate values are defined and your product line is ready to go. The only thing left to do is a finely crafted and well-conceived process to roll out your visual identity to all the right places in your organization (PR, employees, customers and suppliers). My colleagues and I take care of this from start to finish.


I'm a proud Franconian, endurance athlete with a passion for classical theater, commercial airline travel and the mountains. After stints in Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Berlin, I am back to (re-)discovering the people and countryside in the South, and have set my sights on new and exciting challenges and a new sense of where I come from. Well-versed in corporate organizations, competent and flexible, I am always seeking best solutions and practices for my customers. I develop brands and modern services based on customer needs, instead of one size fits all. I am a good listener who is forward-thinking, and would rather work with you in person. I look forward to getting to know you!

Frank Braendlein

2009–2016: Director Digital Operations | MetaDesign AG, Berlin

2004–2009: Freelance Customer and Advertising Consultant and Project Manager in Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg and Berlin

2003–2004: Managing Director and Proprietor | polarstern Produktionsagentur GmbH, Berlin

2002–2003: Head of Operations | Appel Grafik GmbH, Berlin

2000–2002: Head of Production | Scholz & Friends AG, Berlin

1996–2000: Team Leader/Production Head | Springer & Jacoby Digital GmbH, Hamburg

1995–1996: Production Coordinator | CRC Creativ Company GmbH, Nuremberg

1992–1995: Intern | PuSch Projects, Nuremberg


Der Bergvagabund
Frank Braendlein
Winterleitenweg 78A
97204 Hoechberg, Germany

Phone: +49 931 45 290 866 
Mobile: +49 178 646 44 22 
Email: frank@braendlein.net


Other things I love.

Carinthia and Franconia: My favorite culinary regions with their amazing delicacies and unbelievable gifts to the palate. Discover one of my many favorite places I have visited: from the rustic Alm cheese-making shop to the innovative Swiss snow pine distillery – it’s all on my blog. There you can keep up with my intermittent travel musings sometimes haphazardly posted and certainly done so without any promises of completion. This way we can both maintain our constant curiosities.